Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114
Xtorm Lava Charger AM114


Xtorm AM114 Lava Charger

The Lava Charger is a powerful universal mobile charger with built-in solar panel and a rubberized, matte finish.

With its robust housing and a powerful 3.5-watt solar panel, this solar charger is excellent for outdoor usage. The internal battery can hold up to 4.000mAh of power. It can be recharged in only 8 hours of sunlight to recharge completely. Simply unfold the solar charger in the sun, and charging starts immediately. Of course, you can charge the internal battery by USB or Mains as well.

A blue LCD display shows the charging progress, while the unit is being charged. Once fully loaded, the Lava Charger has enough power to recharge the smartphone a multitude of times. With its multiple charging options, the Lava Charger is perfectly suited for every device.
It has two regular USB ports at the front, a micro-USB charging cable on one side and a standard USB cable to charge the device on the other.

With all of these connectivity options, it's possible to even charge up to 2 devices simultaneously! In addition, this charger has high-performance output of 2.1A, which allows extra-fast charging! You are able to charge mobile devices and even tablets.

The Lava charger is ideal for outdoor activities, like traveling, hiking and tours. Due to the powerful solar panels and the large internal battery, you always have enough power for your mobile devices.


  • Powerful Solar Panel (3.5 Watts)
  • Powerful USB Output (2.1 Amps)
  • Integrated USB Cables
  • LED Display


  • Solar panel: 3.5Watt
  • Battery: 6000mAh Li-polymer
  • Dimensions: 9x15x2cm
  • Color: Black
  • Wieght: 242 grams
  • Input: 5V/ 1A
  • Output: 1A + 2.1A
  • Output: 2x Female USB + integrated Micro USB
  • Supplied: USB charging cable and manual

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Xtorm Lava Charger AM114

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