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Our name Batts, is derived from the English word batteries. And batteries is exactly what we specialize in. We are able to sell our batteries at the lowest possible price as we do not have to invest in store space or giant stocks. But besides being affordable we want to sell quality products. Therefore, we included quality brands such as Powerone, Rayovac, Patona and Samsung in our offering. Affordable quality is our main goal.

If you have any questions? Or is there anything that you we think we should improve, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can improve our products and services. 


Batts was founded in 2012 and quickly expanded its offerings considerebly. Batts started off specializing in external batteries but swiftly expanded into other kind of batteries such as those inside laptops, smart phones and hearing aid devices. In the upcoming months we will be adding lots of gadgets and other batteries.


In the future Batts wants to expand further. Our first step is translating our website into English. For us, Dutch native speakers, this is a huge effort. So if we have made a few mistakes forigve us and inform us about the correct spelling. This is how you can help us improve.

Unique selling points

Why do people like buying their batteries and gadgets at Batts? Because we do not only aim to be the cheapest webshop. We want to be the fastest and want to have the best customer service on the web. At Batts, we focus on our consumers. And if you do not like what you have bought, you will get your money back, guarenteed. 

Background information 

Batts.nl is registered in the Dutch Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

Patronaatstraat 23
4921 BK Made

The Netherlands

@: klantenservice@batts.nl 

About us

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