Patona Battery for MSI BTY-S25 BTY-S27 BTY-S28 MS1006 MS1012 MS1013 MS1057
Patona Battery for MSI BTY-S25 BTY-S27 BTY-S28 MS1006 MS1012 MS1013 MS1057


Replacement Li-Ion Battery for MSI BTY-S25 BTY-S27 BTY-S28 MS1006 MS1012 MS1013 MS1057

This Patona battery replaces your original battery. It has identical features and quality as your original battery but is priced more affordable. 


Voltage: 14.8 V
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Type: Li-ion

Product #: 2265

The battery is compatible with the following models:

MSI: MEGABOOK MS-1006, MS1012, MS1013, MS-1057, MS-1058, S250, S260, S262, S262W, S270, S271, S310, S262 YA! Edition

MSI PX200, PX210, PX211, PR300, PR310, PR320

MSI EX300, EX310, EX320, VR200, VR201, VR210, VR220

Advent 7066M

Blue Media: MS-1006, MS-1012

Medion: MD42469, MD42489, MD95007, MD95020, MD95022, MD95155, MD95309, MD96100, MD96360, MD96400, SAM2000, SAM2010, SIM2000 (XG-650), SIM2000 (XG-60x)

AVERATEC 2100: AV2155EH1, AV2150EH1, AV2150EH1R, AV2150EH1, 2155, 2155-EH1, 2150, 2150-EH1, 2100, 2100-EH1

PC CLUB Enpower ENP 413

Evesham Micros

Tesco Iqon 12 "Sempron


This battery replaces the following batteries:

MS1006, MS1006 (MS1012) MS1006 (MS1012) V1, MS1012 NB-BT002, BT003-NB, NB-BT006, BT007-NB, NB-BT008, 0299-MP1006J443, GBM BMS050AWA00, GBM BMS050ABA00, SA20084-01, SA20083-01, S91-0300033-SB3, S91-0300063-G43, S91-030003C-SB3, S91-W38 0.20005 million, BTY-S25, BTY-S27, BTY-S28, BTY-S26, MSI SAM2000 SAM-2000 , SAM2010, SAM-2010, SIM2000, SIM-2000


This Li-ion battery is a high quality product. The battery is 100% identical to the original battery and is manufactured to the highest European quality standards and has extremely long life cycle. This long life cycle means that the battery can be recharged over and over again. In addition, the battery discharges slowly which means the battery will work long after it has been fully charged.

Our replica batteries are less expensive than the original battery but have all the electronic safeguards of your original battery.

Pictures are only included for illustration purposes. Actual delivery may vary.

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07-06-2014 | By: Douwe |
Accu van mijn Medion MD96360 SAM2010 laptop vervangen door deze accu. Het model is iets anders/verbeterd tov de originele waardoor de achterkant van de laptop omhoog staat wat de koeling ten goede komt.
Klikte wel lastig vast op laptop, klein braampje plastic weggehaald en toen zat de accu vast.
Accu werkt tussen 2-3,5 uur afhankelijk van de energie instelling op deze accu.
Goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding en snelle levering!
5 stars based on 1 reviews

Patona Battery for MSI BTY-S25 BTY-S27 BTY-S28 MS1006 MS1012 MS1013 MS1057

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